Welcome to the Adventurers’ Guild!

The Adventurers’ Guild meets within a wide, short building that occupies a corner on the Merchant’s Boulevard in Cachetown. It features a tall tower with many eaves that presides over the street corner, rising six stories.

It is the headquarters of several adventuring parties that roam Brightsphere in search of glory, treasure, renown, or revenge. Whatever their predilection, they often return here to rest their bones and get wind of the next adventure.

In the century since the Great War against Astur, the mighty kingdoms of those bygone days have slowly deteriorated, retracting their borders as their sprawling empires became too large to manage. The heroes of the Great War have become legendary, inspiring many to take up the sword in search for a better lot in life. Joining the Adventurers’ Guild is the first step towards a life of glory.

The Adventurers' Guild