The Great War

In the middle of the 8th century, the Lich King Astur rose to power in the Deadlands, which had lain in the Northern most reaches of the continent. Not content with his kingdom, Astur began an aggressive expansion. His armies, composed entirely of undead and slaves, proved to be an undenyable force. Aside from military might, Astur’s political machinations assured several victories without an armed conflict. However, as Astur’s army moved ever Southward, he met resistence in the form of the Orcs and Elves of the Danelands.

These unlikely allies formed a powerful front against the Lich King’s unrelenting force. Had it not been for the efforts of the Great Warriors, the Lich King would still rule today.

Assad, Cache, Foebrick, and Artemis were their names. They waged a never-ending battle against Astur’s forces, denying him access to powerful artefacts and foiling his interdimensional dealings. It was through their valient efforts that the world was preserved from what would have been a terror-filled reign.

In subsequent years, Cache, a former citizen of the Danelands, conquered his old homeland and incorperated much of it into the city now known as Cachetown. Some say that he is the king that rules over Cachetown, but few believe it.

Foebrick went on to become a lord of his own dimension, taking over the one once ruled by Dagon. Since then, he has become the intellectual peer of Vecna, and spends much of his time contemplating the secrets of the world.

Artemis had vanished soon after the Great Warriors disbanded. His whereabouts are unknown.

Assad suffered a tragic fate, having been trapped in Asmodeus’ kingdom in the Plane Below. When the Great Warriors defeated Asmodeus in battle, Assad took his throne and became a king in the netherealm. However, the power of Asmodeus’ dimension threatens to change Assad’s very being, twisting him into the very villian that he and his comrades defeated.

The Great War

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