The Rebellion in Ishar

History of the Rebellion in Ishar Theirs was a life of violence. Since the day that they were brought to Ishar, they had seen nothing but death and despair. Forced to live shackled in the disease laden Pits of Ishar, their’s was the life of a gladiator. It was their lot in life to die for the entertainment of others. The Isharan Gladiators did not know how death would come; it could have been while fighting on the arena’s floor or it could had silently snuffed them out as they sickened from Devil Chills or Typhus. The only thing that allowed them to carry on in this bleakness was their tenacious will to survive, despite knowing that the best they could hope for was to die in their sleep.

Throughout 956, hope had started to bloom. The name of Patior, the goddess of those who suffer, was whispered in the darkness. Slowly, the slaves began to change. A faint glimmer of optimism filled their eyes as their uncertainty fell away.

“Soon will come the day that we will be free.” It was a formerly forbidden thought that could now freely enter their minds. The brave ones would even speak it out loud. The nights, once filled with terrible dreams were instead filled with visions of the beautiful Priestesses of Patoir. Their sweet, ephemeral breath carried the message: “The day is coming.”

In the Spring of 957, the voices said “The day is here!”

Six Gladiators walked into Ishar’s Coliseum;Ithyk, Tzolek, Vistin, Skyrp, Erondor, and Soulyn. Soulyn, a skilled Lizardfolk mage, had been the day’s champion and was sentanced to fight against five fresh foes. The team of [[:74609 | Ithyk, Tzolek, Vistin, Skyrp Blauvint, and Erondor Quinn dispatched the mage with little agony, however, the final death blow was delivered to Soulyn by his own hand. Many onlookers considered it to have been an honorable act on the mage’s part. Ithyk, a cruel, beastial rake feasted on the remains of the fallen warrior.

The five gladiators were returned to their cells, only to escape by wits and strength. Ithyk nearly died during the attempt to leave the Pits, but some whim of fate allowed him to live. When the band arrived on the Coliseum’s floor, there was a stage set for a theatrical presentation. Using stealth and cunning to find their way, they escaped, undetected, to the streets of Ishar.

Finding their way to the Dirt District, the band was offered food and shelter by Rowena and the other priestesses of Patior. Intending to use the gladiators’ innate skills of slaughter against Patior’s enemies, she sent the band after Berino Sharpnail.

The five gladiators delved into the underworld, coming into contact with many of the seedy characters that inhabited the Dirt District. Eventually, they infiltrated Berino Sharpnail’s operation, slaughtering the halfling’s bodyguard, dragon, and allies. Berino Sharpnail was captured through Vistin’s quick thinking, and the slaver was returned to Rowena for interrogation.

Before the end of Rowena’s fatal torturing techniques, Berino Sharpnail revealed that he intended to assist the Blue Priests in their attempts to allow Tiamat to return to the Material Plane. Meanwhile, Tully and Talia entered a bargain together. Tully promised to assist in the assault on the Blue Temple if she were able to help him track down a necromancer that had been menacing the district. She arranged a meeting between the fugitive gladiators and Tully; he offered them treasure and they accepted.

As it happened, Quaitch, the necromancer in question, had previously owned both Ithyk and Rowena. His lair was hidden deep in Ishar’s sewer system. A number of obstacles stood between the gladiators and their prey, but they managed to overcome the challenges Quaitch presented, eventually cornering him in his inner sanctum. He gave the gladiators a good fight, but his life was ended by Ithyk’s bloody hands.

Returning to Rowena’s chapel, they were rewarded with copius treasure. They were also briefed on Talia and Tully’s operation against the Blue Priests and the Master of the Coliseum, as well as the plot to place Ishar firmly in the hands of Tully and his supporters. The gladiators accepted their part in the plan, entering the Temple District in disguise. The robes Tully provided them with allowed them to pass, unmolested, onto the Blue Temple’s grounds. There, they fought with the viscious guardian drakes that keep watch over the grounds.

Following a meandering path, they came across a garden filled with blooming Dragon Orchids. Amidst the haze of luminescent pollen, a Dragonborn was in meditation. Disturbing the warrior’s revelry, Tzolak and his compatriots attempted to use their robes to obfuscate their features. The warrior, Chadris, was merciless. He engaged them in bloody combat, finally succumbing to a fatal blow. As he lay dead, Skyrp Blauvint noticed a strange series of scars on the dragonborn’s head: four symetrical puntures, as wide as a gold piece, crowned his head. The strange wounds, hidden within an intricate tattoo, seemed ritualistic in nature.

The five gladiators forged forward in the face of adversity, delving deep below the earth and ultimately ascending the Tower of Pillars, where they came face-to-face with the Master’s greatest guardian: Balthezar, a slothful blue dragon. After a wild battle, fighting against the forces of even nature itself, the five managed to subdue the beast thanks to Tzolek and Ithyk’s dangerous but successful tactics. As night fell, the warriors, nearly broken, watched from afar as Ishar blazed with warfare. They wondered if this was a ruse, and it their compatriots in the city were dying.

In the morning, the standard of Patior flew over the city. With their fears assuged, they descended into the core of the tower. In that darkness, they battled with the vile Master of the Coliseum. The creature they were faced with was no man: it was a squid-headed humanoid that thirsted for power. The creature proved no match for the might of its persecutors; though it was able to bring to bear all the strange powers of the Far-Realm, it fell before the might of the five gladiators of Ishar. With the death of that creature, the future of a free Ishar was secured.

After the dust settled, Rowena was never heard from again. Some claim that she was the living embodyment of Patior, and with her work done, she vanished. Others believe that she has gone to fight against slavery elsewhere in the world.

Tully became a just and fair ruler. He commenced a program of building and beautification that has made Ishar a safe and secure haven for all manner of creatures seeking freedom.

Talia became the head of Ishar’s armed forces. Happy to live at peace for a time, she remained in Ishar for a decade before her wanderlust took her on a journey designed to find her long-estranged brother.

As for the five gladiators that brought this great gift to Ishar? Their stories continue still…

The Rebellion in Ishar

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